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Markat Aviary
Our Pets

This page is devoted to our beloved pets. Over the years we have accumulated several pets who we are so fond of. We would like everyone else to meet them too so that is why we included this page on our webiste.

Below: This picture is of our beautiful Sun Conure Sienna. Sienna is such a mild mannered soft bird. She enjoys playing peek-a-boo by hiding under our shirt and then popping out!


Below: Our pet blue quaker Griffin this guy is just hilarious he has learned to talk so well. he says many things such as "what you doin?" and "yaba daba doo" as well as "hello" and several other things. We are amazed at his phenomenal abilty to continuously learn new things to say.


Below: Gracie and Avril our two daschund dogs.


Below: This is our wonderful pet Senegal Zuka. Zuka is the complete opposite of Sienna. This bird has A LOT  of character and isn't shy to let it be known.


Below: Our beloved cat Smudge. Smudge is known and remembered by all that meet her for her abiltiy to be quick witted and talking back to people. Yes our cat has conversations! Smudge came to us in need of a home so we obliged of course and she now fits in comfortably in our "zoo"