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Markat Aviary

Our Conure Pairs

Below: One of our beautiful Sun conure pairs, this pair has a good size to them and absolutely vibrant colours. We were thrilled when we brought this pair home. Much to our surprise we found that this pair is also tame. We loved this even more as all of our birds (breeders or pets) who are tame get out of cage time and human interaction. This will help produce better natured babies through the parents passing on their calm nature.


Below: This is our pair of Green Cheek Conures. The Female is a Pineapple and the male is a double split Cinamon X Yellowside but visually green. This pair can produce Pineapples hens, Yellowsides, Cinamons and double split males. We have already had a gorgeous clutch from this pair an we are even keeping one of their babies to form a younger pair.


Below: Our young pair of Mutation green cheeks, male is double split (cinamon/Yellowside) and is one of the babies we kept behind from our other mutation pair. The Female is a gorgeous pineapple who fell in love with him the minute she laid eyes on him.